Share your photos bypassing the Cloud

instantphotoalbum.com is for you if you have plenty of photographs and want to regain control over your collection: preserve, organize and share your best photos in electronic form without having to upload them to a cloud-based service.

instantphotoalbum is a factory to create albums. Once the albums are done, they are yours. We are not storing either your photos or your albums on our server.

Easy to use

instantphotoalbum.com is designed to provide you with an intuitive, easy-to-use, web application that can be accessed from a computer, a smart phone(*) or a tablet(*) with Internet access. The time it will take you will depend on the number of photos you are putting in, the speed of the Internet connection. Once the photos are uploaded, you are practically done, unless you need to modify the orientation of some photos, or add text below the photos. There are also advanced options that let you further customize your albums.

No limit to the number of photos, yet.

So far, we have not yet set a limit to the number of photos that an album may contain. We reserve the right to do that in the future. You need to know what is the maximum size of the email you can send or receive through your provider. The exact size of the album will appear when the album is created, and that will give you an indication to what you should do next. If it's too large, you can reduce the quality of the photos on the album (Advanced options - Low Resolution) or you can remove some photos.

Send albums by email

You will receive your albums by clicking on a download button or we will send them you in an email attachment. Once you receive the albums, they are yours, and only yours. You are free to do what you want with them, providing you abide by our Terms of Service.

(*) You can access instantphotoalbum.com from your smartphone or tablet using an Internet browser and going to http://www.instantphotoalbum.com.