Take back the photos that belong to you

You may have photos spread all around across multiple web sites on the cloud. It's easy to do, and you are able to share your photos with your friends and relatives. But life goes on, and some day, you may experience that it goes out of your control: you may not remember where your photos are, if they are still online.

Your privacy matters

You may not know who is able to look at your photos, and how they are used. Photos can be used for various purposes. Market research and targeted advertisement are the most benign ones, but it can also be used to track your life events, including things that you have posted that turn out to have negative consequences to you or your friends. For example, you may not necessarily want, as an adult, to have your baby photos spread all around when you become an adult. Or you may not want people to look at your photos because they were not intended for them. For example, you may not need to expose the same part of your life to an employer than you would expose to your closest friends. Or you may not necessarily want every one to know where you have been, who you know, what you think. Or you want an easy way to show photographs to your colleagues before making them available to the public.

You can decide what is worth to publish on the Internet, and what should remain in a private sphere.

Technology doesn't mean that you have to post

Solutions already exist. Some people send photos attached to an email message. Others use an office application to display their photos. But these solutions are either not appealing, or time-consuming. InstantPhotoAlbum will make this experience much more pleasurable, in no time.

Our goal is to empower you with these new possibilities. InstantPhotoAlbum.com's mission is to let you organize your photos, in the simplest and fastest way possible, in a way that is easy to store and to share, without the need to publish. Think of it as private correspondence instead of making it available for all. It is not a substitute for photo sharing web sites on the cloud, it's a complement.

What's different about InstantPhotoAlbum.com ?

You use our web application, from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, to create your albums, which may take you a few minutes. You can spend more time if you want to reorder the photos, or add descriptive text to some, or all of them. When you are done, the albums are sent to you as electronic documents in formats that can be read on your devices. Then you delete your photos and your albums from our servers. The photos are yours.

In case you want to enrich an album over time, we offer you the possibility to save a backup copy of the album on your own device, that you can upload later to resume your work. That way, you don't leave anything on our server.

Your Peace of Mind

We are taking the necessary precautions, within the current state of the art in technology, to guarantee that our web site is secure. But we can't promise that our website will never be hacked or attacked by malicious intruders, that are trying to steal information. The extra security you gain with us is that, since your photos are only transient for a very short time, the risk of them being hacked is minimal.

Taking control over your photo collection is not a matter of technology. It's rather a state of mind. You can use the latest technologies and make them work for your own benefit. It's not a dream. We've done it with instantphotoalbum.com.